Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Yesterday was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Since my children did not have school, we were able to watch the wonderful, and stirring speech, "I have a Dream!"

By last night, I was more than ready to put my 7 to bed, and get some peace and quiet. At six this morning my hubby gently brushed my hand to tell me school was cancelled again today, due to an ice storm we had in the night.

I am thinking that if that happens again tomorrow, I will personally drag everyone of them to their respective schools on sleds. I honestly think one more day together will be the demise of at least one of us. Probably me.

We rearranged furniture, the younger kids played outside while the older kids fought and aggravated everyone else. We had a cooking lesson of sorts, but that backfired when the Jr. Chef went to his room room while the pot of chili burned. Nothing smells worse than burnt chili, unless it's the popcorn that was cooked too long in it's plastic wrapper. That made me so glad I got some nicely scented candles for Christmas!! The kids want to eat about every 21 minutes throughout their waking hours. Honestly, how do the survive the day at school?

My older daughter, the thirteen year old, has learned the knack of disappearing. She has crafted behind closed doors for most of the day. She comes out of her cave to eat, get a drink, or borrow craft supplies from me. Today she has been painting and decoupaging some boxes. She wanted as many old magazines she could scrounge from me. Of course it would be wonderful if she could incorporate her love for crafting into, let's just say, a tiny bit of time with the Little's, and get them into a project too. No, they mess up her creativity flow.

Since she took my older magazines, obviously she has been reading them, because she just came out and asked me if she could have a heart attack or stroke at her age, because she knows she has had some of the symptoms she saw....I advised her to eat healthy, get more exercise, and eat less salt. Yeah, I read it too.

My oldest boy at home has pretty much been in his room sulking. And reading. He had his PSP taken away for an infraction at school last week, and come to find out, he's too old to go outside and play in the snow, and too lazy to cut and stack wood. Not on a snow day!! I reminded him it's technically an Ice Day, but I guess there is no difference.

The 11 year old has been grounded off the TV for ...well, most of her life. She can focus soooo well on any television show, but as for schoolwork, she can hardly remember her name and class assignment. We figure sitting blankly in front of the TV can not possibly encourage her brain growth, so every time she slinks into the living room today I have had to kindly remind her she is grounded... Apparently their is absolutely nothing to do left from her Christmas craft kits, or books we bought her, or games to play. She almost made me feel sorry for her...NOT!

The youngest 4 have decided that they should be as loud, as crazy and as abstinent as possible today, just so I won't really miss them as much when three of them return to school tomorrow.

Not to be trite, but just like MLK, I have a dream.
And if they are home again tomorrow, that dream will be a nightmare!!

I am praying for spring!!

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Debbie said...

Okay, so I'm a bit behind on my blog reading.

This post made my smile and actually LOL!!! I assume they are all back to school by now and you've regained some sanity? :-)