Friday, September 30, 2011

the BLUR

As I sit in yet another airport, waiting for yet another flight, I look back at the last few months since I posted and realize how much of that time has been a big blur!

With my grandson's relocated to Puerto Rico, I expected my next to be headed in their direction. God had other plans.

I was able to make a quick decision to fly to Africa to meet our boys when a wonderful opportunity afforded me to go. I had pictures only, until that first time in August when I actually held them, talked to them, and promised to return.

I have said it before, but let me repeat: International adoption is hard!!! Just when I think we are on target to bring them home, some other force upends the process, and things go "stinkingly" south!

There were so many things that came from my trip to Africa. I met the director of the foster homes my boys are housed in, and caught a whiff of her strong heart and bold spirit of advocation for these special needs children. The 17 kids whom I only knew as names are now alive in my heart, with my mind constantly trying to figure out just what I can do to help them all. I have been blessed to be a part of this ministry, new to me, and so full of promises for the children.

Midst the pain and despair of the villages we visited, I saw hope and love for a project that would encompass children who are normally discarded by their parents, abandoned by their villages, and left to die of starvation. It turned my stomach to see the wretchedness, yet in the very center of it all were brave, God-fearing families who want to make a difference in the children's lives. By accepting them into their foster family, little lives are saved, and the hopeless become strong and valued again.

I had never seen a starving child in real life. It is a vision I can never erase now. The protruding bones, the vacant eyes. We have so much, I can't ignore their suffering.

By partnering with this ministry, I have been able to present photos and plead for the funds needed to keep this a vital project in Africa. I am joining other ladies this weekend who have committed to pray and plan for good things ahead that will be able to encompass more lost souls, give them food and shelter, an education and a future. As I wait for my next flight out, I am mostly thankful, along with excited about the days ahead.

My boys are not home yet...their needs are great. I carry their photos in my wallet, and the feeling of their little hands in my heart. I left them with kisses and the promise to return as soon as I can to bring them home. It's hard to walk away and know they could benefit from so much in our country that they will never have the opportunity to experience there. The therapies, the medical interventions, and the services are just waiting now....waiting to begin their new lives, and join a family full of life that is ready to embrace them.

I knew I was going to meet my boys, and I had hoped to have them home by now. But I am grateful that God's plan is perfect, and He will continue to keep the hearts of the decision makers in HIS hands, and all I have to focus on is HIM. He will do the rest.

I met my boys, I accepted the passion God placed in my heart for the other children who will be left behind, and I willingly walk forward into whatever God has for us now.

It's hard work. But I have the assurance I am never alone.

Thanks for your prayers for the children of Africa.