Saturday, January 30, 2010

Basketball Memories

Today was the first game of the Upwards Basketball season. All nine of us were up and ready to go by 8:30 for the 9:00 game.

I love sleeping in on Saturday, since it's normally the only day to do that. That will be out of the picture for a while. But I wouldn't want to miss Tylers first game anyway. Or watching the other kids while Tyler played his game.

Bella is able to sit and watch most of it this year, which is a huge difference from last year. She found a place on the floor just outside of the court, cross legged, hands folded, ready to watch her beloved Bubba play ball. Her sweet little voice called out to him across the court, "Hey Bubba, go Bubba. Whoo hoo!!" She tried to get his attention several times, and it didn't matter whether he was on the bench or the court. Finally, he glanced her way and smiled. It's really not cool for a 13 year old to smile at his little sister in front of everyone in the gym. She caught his smile, turned toward me and grinned ear to ear, "Momma, he looked at me!" Priceless.

Meredith sat beside Bella on the floor for most of the game. They had bought a pack of gum and were sharing it. Mere was impressing the kids around her with her newfound ability to blow bubbles. As a matter of fact, Bella was so impressed she removed her gum from her mouth, handed it to Mere and said, "Blow a bubble for me, Mere!"

Although it feels like we are transporting everyone of the kids in that gym when we leave our house in the morning, there are actually alot of kids there that are not called by our last name. Since it was the first game, my kids were anxious to run around with the others in the room. There is a bowling game off to the side that they remembered playing last year, so they were excited to get a game going today. While cheering for Tyler's team, I was mindful of the kids behind me chatting and playing, when I unmistakenly hear Mere's voice burst out above the crowd.

"But dad, they are playing with a stranger!!"
Mike kindly reminds her, when they are playing with other children, once you ask them their name, they simply are not strangers anymore.
Case closed. Strangers no more.

Towards the end of the game, Tommy,(5)sees a player stoop down to tie his shoe, mid game. He turns to me, and announces, "Mom, I know how to tie my shoes too. Make an X with the ties, shape a bunny ear here, and a bunny ear here, push them together and pull it tight." Yes, Tommy, that is how you do it. I love the things he's learning and doing.

After a play date with his cousins this week, Tommy plopped his little boy body in his little boy rocking chair, let out a sigh and said, "Whew, I'm poofed!"

Final score, 48 to 52. Close game, good times. All within an hour. I am sure after the girls game at 1:00 I will agree with Tommy's sentiments of Wednesday, "Whew. I'm poofed!"

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