Monday, January 4, 2010


"For 19.99 you get the amazing brownie pan...perfectly cut brownies everytime!"

My kids want this pan really bad. They also wanted the BIG TOP cupcake pan. So I bought it at the drugstore in a moment of weakness when I went in to pick up a gallon of milk. On TV it looks like it's HUGE, but in actuality, I am wondering if it will even hold a full cake mix.

But, since we have at least one birthday a month all year long, it seemed like a harmless expense. Tara's birthday will be the first one to test it on, and she's thinking we will need to make 3 cakes for all the people at her party.

All the people, Tara? We celebrate birthdays with siblings and grandparents, so I think one cake will be enough. But since she opened the box and saw how little the BIG TOP really is, she's thinking how much cake she will have. I wonder if she is going to be an event coordinator some day? Definately is making her way towards being the baker in this group of kids.

Everytime the brownie pan infomercial comes on, one of the kids tell me how much we need that. (And the touch toothpaste container that means you can put the paste on your brush with just one hand!!)

None of the little ones really have a clue what "the low price of $19.99" really means, since they are just learning that a dollar spent at the thrift shop doesn't include the state sales tax. So much to learn.

But Tommy saw the brownie pan commercial this morning, and used a new approach. Instead of saying,"we really need that, Mom" or, "we do bake alot of brownies!" or,
"that would make it alot easier for you, mom," he tried a whole different angle.

"How old are you, Mom?" Because if you were 18 or older you could buy that pan."
When I asked him how old did he think I was, he said, "Probably 17."

I am gonna get him that pan. We DO make alot of brownies around here, after all!

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Debbie said...

Ahhh! So his approach worked well!!! Love it!!!!