Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hero Status

My dear husband made a 14 hour trip to New Jersey yesterday with Nicole to pick up our sweet grandsons and daughter-in-law, Britt, for a 3 week visit. He said as he pulled up to their condo, three year old Kaiden ran into his arms. Kaid has been excited for 2 weeks, since he found out his beloved PaPa was coming to get him. It was a Kodak moment, for sure.

Since my hubby is traveling, I have been "man of the house" since 3 am Saturday morning. I don't really like the job. I am great with the mom role and I think I do it really well most of the time. And I love the fact that Mike is great at the dad role. But when he's gone, wow, what a difference a day makes!!

Mere woke up at two o'clock this morning with a leg ache. We are used to that around here. It may be her vitamin levels are off again, due to her short-bowel syndrome, or it's those darn growing pains (although we aren't seeing any evidence of that!!)It usually means daddy gets up, trudges to the kitchen, gets the tylenol and a cup of milk, and heats up the bean bag to soothe her aches until the meds kick in. But daddy was in Jersey. So, I knew the routine, and took care of it all. Just as Mere was drifting back to sleep, she told me she thought her leg would hurt forever since daddy was gone. It seems the kids are used to our roles, too.

Hopefully, today will fly past as the crew travels back from Jersey, expected arrival, 2 am Monday morning. I am braving taking six of the kids to church alone this morning. Well, actually, 2 of them have already left with our friend, Dana. So, it's really just the 4 youngest that I will have to get there. With daddy gone, and his expert assistance, I feel more alone in the task and it's a bit overwhelming, even with 3 of the kids gone!

So, after church we will get back to cleaning the house and getting ready for our company. I am looking forward to having Britt here and getting some time to talk about her pregancy. Baby number three on the way. She had her ultrasound yesterday and at 10 weeks along, it already looks like a miniature baby!! She is the most excited about our Ethiopian adoption and she will dream along with me.

It's time for the day to get rolling. Now that everyone is ready for church and things are running smoothly (oops, did I just jinx it??)I can honestly say I know who our Hero is. And he's going to be home in about 13 hours.....(yes, I am counting!!)


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