Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Homestudy in the Bag - LIFE IS GOOD

I feel as if we passed a significant milestone on Saturday. We put a FEDEX packet full of homestudy paperwork into the box, and yesterday we were notified of the few items still needed to proceed. One step forward, 2 steps back. We are nearly complete with our dossier paperwork, which will go directly to the Ethiopian government so they can match us with a waiting child/children. Whew. It really has been time consuming, alot of internet research and overwhelming. But we are so close.

Many other things have happened this past month. This morning I went with Ashleigh to have a biopsy on a thyroid tumor. The ten days prior to today was challenging because it was immediately assumed after her first ultra sound that it was a cancerous tumor, and we have been so scared. No insurance, no regular doctor, and the nerves of steel came crumbling down around our family. Fortunately, the surgeon is under the impression that even if she is in the 5% bracket where it's cancerous, it would be 100% CURABLE! Today was another reminder that if I could have taken away her pain, I would take it in a heartbeat.

Meredith, 5, is going through some testing and surgery during this summer. A kick back from her extreme premature birth. I found myself getting really, really mad at her birthmom this week. Fighting, spitting mad. She lived a deplorable lifestyle, at Mere's expense. I have no idea where she is now, but I do know that Mere' will struggle the rest of her life because of her birthmom's choices. I got past the worst of my anger, but I am still mad. For Mere's sake.

Another one of the older kids is having trouble with their school work. One of the younger kids is needing a medication change. No one sleeps all night right now and there are usually 3 or 4 extra kids in our bed by morning. Life is full. Life is good. Sometimes life is a struggle. Sometimes it's very, very hard.

And then the sun shone brightly this afternoon. The 4 littlest were able to play outside, and although there is mud traipsed through the back of the house, they are happy and ready for baths. The biggest kids are just getting off the school bus, and they will be ready to share the excitement of their days. Somehow things seem so much brighter when the sun shines.

So yeah, it's been a week like that. It's been a month like that. And even today with the sounds of the leaf blower running just to find out that Tommy is blowing popped corns off the back deck, today is a good day. This week is a good week, overall, and this month is a good month.

The paperwork is in the mail. That's a very good thing. Life is good.

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