Friday, March 13, 2009

The Dossier

Today we recieved our email dossier packet. It is a full 26 pages of forms for filling out, signing, authenticating with the State and sending to our agency. MORE paperwork in the path of our international adoption!!

It's an exciting week. After sending our application and contract to the agency we chose, getting the "infamous" dossier is a milestone. Our homestudy paperwork is almost complete, and we will send all that out after we get our physicals and doctors paperwork. Then we will be able to do our 12 hour training and have the social worker come visit. After 7 domestic adoptions, none of that is daunting.

But, then I read through the dossier. This appears to be the paperwork that separates the weak hearted from the determined!! So may forms, so much information, and soooo much to do!!But this is the next step to building the "walls" of our home, and the middle part of the international adoption plan.

With all that, I am excited to be at this phase. I know the next several weeks will be stressful and confusing, but I will stay the course. At the end will be the blessing of a child, or children that are waiting for us now.

So, dossier, here we come. Baby Cameron, dear child of our heart, we are working hard to bring you home. Nothing will stop us from the plan that God has placed in our hearts. Stay safe. Sweet dreams.

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