Thursday, March 5, 2009

Adoption Paperwork

When my adopted kids ask me "Where do babies come from?", for the last 7 years we havetold them "Babies come from the agency." That was: 'as in foster agency.'

Now we are on our official track for an International Adoption so we can say, with excitement, Ethiopia!!

We view pictures, read blogs from other Ethiopian Adoption families, and we listen to music from their country. We admire their beautiful skin, dark eyes, and gentle smiles. Our youngest children scan each picture, asking, "Is that our baby?", or, "Will that little one come to live with us?"

I lay in bed at night wondering what type of child the Ethiopian government will refer to us. Will it be a baby girl, a toddler, an older child? Will she speak any of our language, or will he be shy or outgoing? Will he want my hugs and kisses, or will it take alot of time to break through the barrier of his painful past?

The paperwork is intense. It examines every thought I have ever had on adoption, and challenges every answer I write down. I feel my heart wrapping around this unknown-to-me child, and I wonder how long the wait will be. I am impatient to finish the process, as impatient as I was to finally begin it!! I recognize the opportunity, and I sense the deep responsibility. I know I can love this child without reserve, and I hope that she will be able to love us the same way, some day.

We are ready for the first notarized copy to be mailed off tomorrow. As I collect important papers for copying, filing forms and creating our complete history, I understand the importance of what is ahead. I know there will be trials, painful waiting periods, and even disappointments. I realize there is nothing I can do to speed up the whole process, but I faithfully fill out form upon form in the hopes that the sooner I get this part done, the closer we will be to meeting the child or children God has waiting for us in a country far away from here.

Waiting. This is the pregnancy of adoption. This is the long haul before the realization of our prayers and desires. This is the growing stage, the morning sickness stage, the tired-before-I-really-get-worn-out phase. Waiting.

As I connect with others in the adoption process, I share in the joy of their referrals and court dates. I am amazed even more every day of how God brings the homeless into warm and loving homes, even from so very far away. My mind and heart are stirred into action, and I finish the final draft of what seems to be taking us forever to finish!! But mostly, I wonder about the child who is patiently waiting for us. And I smile inside as I realize we are another step closer to bringing him or her home. Soon, baby. Soon. Don't give up waiting for us. We will keep waiting for you until God has our hands entwined, just as our hearts have become as we wait for you.

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