Friday, July 22, 2011

Puerto Rico

Well, the time I dreaded is here and gone. My grandsons are now in Puerto Rico.

I fought it, I dreaded it, and now it's done. Am I thrilled about it? NOPE!

I have come to terms with their move in one way. I believe it is exactly where God has placed them, regardless of how much I wish they were closer.

I know when my first grandson was born nearly six years ago that he had ambitious parents who would do everything in their power to create a good life for him.

When baby number two was born, his parents, my son, Scotty, and his wife, Britt, were already living a full life in New Jersey, with Scotty as a thriving member of the US Coast Guard. They welcomed their third child in Jersey too, and will continue their adoption path to welcome, perhaps a girl, to their lives while in PR.

We have been thrilled to be a part of every one of the boys births, even managing visiting them two or more times a year. Somehow we will do our best to get to Puerto Rico to welcome baby #4 when she/he joins their family and keep up the tradition of being on the spot when the baby arrives!

We loved vacationing in Jersey, meeting their friends and being a part of their lives. We knew the time was waning for their stay in Jersey, and saying our goodbyes to their friends was sad for us too! Of course, the appeal of Jersey, to us, was not the shore. It held our grandsons, which is exactly where we wanted to be as often as we could get there. The friendships we made along the way was icing on the cake!!

Yet, nothing could have prepared us for the goodbyes at the airport. The tears are not because we won't see them again, it's just that we got so used to them being close by and now we are not sure when we can see them again.

I am glad for texting, for SKYPE and all the phone calls we maintain contact through.
I am sad that you can not feel a hug or wipe a tear over a computer screen.

I am happy for the opportunity they have to explore a beautiful island and live among a beautiful group of people. I am sad it is that much farther away.

I am proud of the good work my son has completed as a Coastie. He has made us proud with his accomplishments, and we believe Puerto Rico got one of the best!
I am just sad that we can not be closer to his family.

As always, my God has soothed my fears, and dried my tears. I have no doubt that Scotty, Britt and those beautiful boys are in the hands of an almighty God who will care for them and love them even more than I can. And I am convinced HE has a great plan for them there.

It will be exciting to hear how HE meets their needs, gives them hope and builds them up to serve in a new capacity. As they meet friends, we know they will be building wonderful relationships because of the wonderful friendships they had in Jersey. They are stronger for all they have seen and done this far, and will continue to grow and learn.

Kaiden starts a full day of school next month! He will be bilingual much sooner than I could ever be!! He will make friends and experience a part of life that will be including all he has learned to love so far: sand, sun and surf!

Keegy and Keane will grow up near a rainforest, and experience tropical lives!! How cool is that??

So as I miss them all terribly, I know they will live an enriched life that no one else in our family has gotten to experience yet!! Life in Puerto Rico!!

Thanks for prayers for their safety. My grandsons may not be close to home right now, but they will always be closest in my heart.

And NOTHING can separate that!
Gramma loves you, Kaid, Keegy and Keano.
Never forget, no matter how far you roam, home is always where you are loved. And for you, that is alot of places already!!

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La Mama Loca said...

I just "met" your daughter in law through Facebook. We just moved to the island at the beginning of July from Indiana (although my husband is from here).

She shared with me your blog! We have adopted 5 (sib group of 3 and sib group of 2).

You have a very beautiful family! I know my parents have struggled with us moving here as well. They know we felt God calling us here and so they've handled it better than I imagined!

Great to read about your journey and I will be praying for many blessings as you travel to Liberia soon!