Monday, May 16, 2011

Of Frogs and Princes

The Frogs are out.
Or In.

Meredith loves critters. Any kind. All kinds. Bugs, worms, butterflies, frogs and toads. Especially toads and frogs.

This must be her favorite time of year. The frogs and toads are everywhere. Every day after school gets out, she heads to the back yard, lifting rocks and finding all the hiding places of the frogs she found the day before.

A rainy day is devastating to Meredith, because it means she can not roam the yard looking for her friends. I think, however, the frogs are loving the rainy days!

I usually hear a "whoop". Then the back door slams, and Mere's feet across the tile floors, bringing her newest friend to show me.

"Not so close, Mere. I prefer seeing them more than three inches away from my nose."

"Oh yes, Mere, I believe that may be the same one you played with yesterday!"

"Wow, a baby frog! Maybe you should find his mommy and get them back together."

"No, he can not live in your room."

"As a matter of fact, he needs to be outside. Now."

"Well it may be a girl or boy frog. It's hard to tell with frogs."

"Yes, sweetie, I am quite sure if you kiss him he will NOT turn into a Prince."


Life is so beautiful when you can catch a frog and believe in the impossible.


patty said...

Faith...this is what you're meant to do! Write Blogs! I loved it. Everyday tales of life! AND...loved your family picture! How you got everyone together at once! That was a BIG DEAL! Keep writing!Someday your blogs must become a book!

Paige Meador Dunn said...

Faith, not many outside of our family knew what a talented writer our Grandmother was... you have not only inherited that gift but have perfected it! If you haven't started one, might I suggest a book...not for kids, but for mothers around the world who nor only relate, but have been in your shoes? You could have a best seller in short shorts throughout the entire book. I love you cuz!