Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You need them, when????

Today my 11 year old comes home from school, shows me a picture in her history book of Colonial days, and says, "Mom, we need to make one or two of these dresses for school."


"Just one or two, my teacher said. Some kids are making posters. I told her you could sew two dresses."

After I picked my bottom lip off the livingroom floor, I tried to make sense of what she was asking. After all, I am somewhat creative, even if I am not a seamstress.
And, if there is enough time, perhaps I can get my mother in law (who is an excellent seamstress)to make them.

"Well, they are not due until May 3rd."

Oh, really? That gives me less than a week?

Why do kids do this? Here is my ideas on the subject:

I am so creative, my daughters think I can do anything.
I am so fast, they think creating a couple of period dresses would be no big deal.
I am so willing to help them succeed at school, I am not afraid of going overboard on a difficult project.
I never need sleep.
I have nothing else to do.
My house is spotless.
The dishes are done.
The dinner I am making for tonights birthday party for a friend is nearly done.
I have no other interests but theirs.
My sewing room is stocked with all the lace and silk needed to make a dress.
I have a hard time saying no.
I hate to let anyone down.
I usually get things done that have to be done.
I do not need to frost the carrot cake in the oven.
I can easily get their help straightening the house before dinner.
There is nothing I would rather do than what they suggest.

Being a mom has many privileges. I tell people I don't want anyone messing with the deal I've got!! And I do like to help them when I can. But, less than a week, with my already jam-packed life, to create two colonial dresses.....ugh!

So, I asked one more question.
What size do they need to be?

"They need to fit my BRATZ doll."

So, as the wheels turned, another thought occurred to me. Would the shelf size china dolls that used to be part of my old doll collection work? I mean, they look colonial, even though they are a bit smaller than her doll of choice.

She was ecstatic. Yep. Perfect.
"I think those will work, mom!!"

As she put them in her back pack for tomorrow, I realized maybe all the other things I mentioned were not even slightly a part of what she was thinking. She had something she needed, she had confidence that I would help her come up with a solution, and she had volunteered me because, well, I'm her mom! It's just another part of what moms do!

Whew...I still have time to frost that birthday cake after all!!

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