Saturday, August 1, 2009


There is nothing more exciting than waking up to a 5 year old in a camper. Tommy was on his back, feet in the air, at the foot of my bed.

"I am hanging upside down, actually."

I opened one eye, but had to sit up to see what he was doing. Precious. Mere' was in my way, and Bella was still snoring beside me. I smelled coffee in the kitchen and the day had begun. We slept in. It was 7:30.

The winds on the beach yesterday disguised the fact that we were getting terribly burned. Sleeping was not easy last night. Have you ever burned the back of your knees? I fell asleep after jumping waves with my 7- month- along- in- her- pregnancy daughter in law, and she was perfectly fine after the wave jumping and body surfing. I was trashed. Fell asleep on my stomach on the beach, woke up to pink legs...ugh!! But there is no better rest than after a bunch of rough water playing, so I wouldn't trade the knee burn for nothing!! Great memories to tuck into my winter doldrums box in my mind.

Mere' was explaining to Tara about how to pull a tooth. Tara has a front tooth that is hanging by a small root. It's a front tooth, her second that needs to come out. With her sensory issues, combing her hair is a small feat most days, so pulling a tooth goes waaaayyyyy over her comfort zone. She will let it fall out like the first one before she will let anyone pull it, or before she will pull it herself. The whole vacation everyone has taken a turn explaining to her that the tooth fairy will come when it is under her pillow, and everyone has a method to help her get it there. Mere has lost about 4 teeth now,so she's an expert.

"Tara, if you eat a 'pupcake' it will come out in there and you will eat it."

You wont' get an expert opinion on losing teeth more than that one.

I realize I should have been writing down all the adventures we have had this week as they happened. Now the week is over, and we are headed home. All I can think of is how long it will be before I can hold my grandsons again, and how long a drive is ahead before we get back to our homebase.

The homestudy is finally in the right hands, and is moving along. I try not to focus on the fact that we lost 7 months with the last agency fiasco, and I think how wonderful it will be to have our new children before vacation next year. A miracle is in the making, and we are so greatful for that. Life continues to move along, even when we try our hardest to stop the clock and enjoy the moment.

The best part of waking up is not coffee. It's that 5 year old who is 'actually hanging by his feet' at the end of my camper bed. And all the other vacationers that are sunburned, tired and full of memories themselves. Precious memories that will last in our minds forever.


Emily said...

Sounds like a great family vacation!

Amber said...

I am falling behind on keeping up with the blogs. I have just added you to my blog roll. from reading your profile, you sound like a busy lady!