Monday, August 10, 2009

Our New Additions

While I would love to be writing about our Ethiopian children joining our family, today I have news of others who have now become official family members.

Oliver Gilbert Thumpy Jr (As we all could not agree on his name)is a timid, black and white miniature bunny that my children are completely enthralled with. So much so, that we have to put time limits on how much they hold him, and he gets mandatory cage time (for his own good!!) They can cradle him like a baby, and Mere, especially, loves that.

Milton is a young goat that just finished up a week at the local fair. His pal, who would have been named "Bradley" had she been a he, made Reserve Grand Champion, and went home with a new family. Milton came here. He sounds sad, calling the children to come play. We are looking for another young one for him to pal around with, but that may have to wait until the Youth Fair comes to a close next week.

My favorite comment this weekend was from Mike. As he's stringing new fencing for Milton, he's muttering "of all the things I have to do..." Isn't that just like LIFE?? Right when we thing we have a plan, something else comes along to change that!

Our oldest daughter is getting married this next Saturday. Since it's an outside wedding, of course we are praying for sun. An alternate plan? Nope. We will either be wet or dry, but the wedding must go on!! We are excited that all of us will be together, since the troops are coming, literally, from the East (New Jersey) and the West (Oregon). One thing I know for sure, her fiance comes from a Polish family, and the food preparations have already begun!! It will be a fun, family and friends event, and who doesn't love a party??

So I am looking around at the mess. When we should have been cleaning for company, we welcomed Oliver Gilbert and Milton. When we should have been finishing painting projects, Mike was stringing fence and I was wedding shopping for all the last minute things. Today there is no getting around it. There is MUCH to be done to accomplish my goals for company (yeah, even tho' it's just the kids!!) and today is the day.

Once again, life is never dull at our house. And I think the nesting urge has hit more than just me...although Mike will never admit it, for sure!!

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