Sunday, August 30, 2009

Finally, sunshine. This has been the coolest, wettest summer I can remember. You would think my flowers would be stunning. There must have been a couple of days of sunshine that dried out some of the hanging pots. It's hard to remember those sunny days when there is so much rain in the between days.

I feel, in my soul, like I have weathered a huge storm. So many of the things in my mind that felt/seemed insurmountable days ago are finally resolving. I will spare you all the details. Suffice it to say that it's really comforting to see the things I feel connected to are now giving me peace instead of confusion.

In a great turn, we now have an appointment for our homestudy. That is a huge relief. Our social worker seems pleasant, open to our situation. We had fears of a repeat from the previous start to our homestudy, so this is a real relief.

Our newest goat, Frankie, had pneumonia. For $55 we were able to see her health improve drastically, and she is on the mend. Ashleigh, our oldest daughter, had half of her thyroid removed last Thursday, and a biopsy of her tumor appeared cancer-free. Much more money, and not nearly the desired results we got from the goat yet, but she is on the mend. Slowly. I hate seeing her pain and would have done anything to go through it for her.

I am now looking at the last week before our school year starts. There is still a part of me that wished I could have made the homeschooling work for us. I hate the negative influences the kids are subjected to on the bus, in the school, at the playground. I would love to keep them home and more protected. But it is not enough to "want" what's best for them. Several of their special needs can be met by professionals who are trained how to reach them. Some of their needs can not be. But I have wisdom to know that our team approach can work best for the kids we have now, and we have already met with several of the school team members in preparation of a promisingly good school year. I am keeping my fingers crossed, and praying hard already. I would love the weather to hold off, and make one last weekday trip to the beach, zoo and park. Does it seem to anyone else that this summer has flown by, and dragged by at the very same time??

We have a couple more camping trips planned yet this fall, and several more home remodeling projects to finish. Days and weekends are busy as usual. Kids are growing and changing, learning to face this world. I weathered a storm. Life is hard, but Life is Good. "Keep calm, and carry on."

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