Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bella is almost 20 months old now. Since 6 of her siblings are in school at least part of the day, Bella gets total mommy (and sometimes daddy) time all morning. Today we chose the local restaurant to eat breakfast and catch up with a friend.
Bella doesn't really like eating out. She hates a high chair now, and would much rather be on the run. The restaurant we go to is great with her, calling her by name and making sure she has anything she wants as soon as we walk in the door. Today she just wanted to stack the creamers.
I was able to visit for ten full minutes before "SPLAT!" I felt cool liquid on my face, my glasses, my arms and my shirt. She wasn't stacking the creamers anymore, she had bitten into one and the sticky cream coated me.
I looked at the spots all over my shirt and then over to the look of amazement all smeared all over Bella's face. What a mess!! But Bella was grinning. I sensed the entire clientel at the restaurant was looking our way, collectively holding their breath to see what I was going to do with the mess.
I carry diaper wipes whereever I go, so clean up was quick and painless, and our conversation with our friend continued with little delay.
Why is this important to write about? I am thankful on bright sunny days for time with Bella, time with friends, and a good toasted bagel. I am grateful that there are waitresses in this town that look forward to our visit, and thankful that Bella can smile when she sees mommy with creamer all over her shirt and face. And mostly, I am glad I have made it to the point in my life where I have learned not to cry over "spilled milk." Like my dad always says, "One meal, one shirt."

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