Monday, September 29, 2014

It Can Wait

I had a busy weekend getting all of our fall/winter clothes out and storing the summer ones. Before work this morning I took the last laundry basket upstairs to put away and although the house is not totally clean, I was feeling really accomplished. Then I got in the car, which smelled of faintly rotting apples and old McDonald's boxes. You know, the fries that just sit there until they grow cold (and stiff), but never die. I sat in the parking lot at work, favoring the last few moments of peacefulness. I even put my head back and that's when I see it. A piece of half eaten pizza. On the dashboard. Everyone can see it. There is never time to gloat about what's been accomplished here, because the van needs another good cleaning this week. By the time I get that done, the house will be even worse. Cheerleading tonight for Bella, so I am going into work now and forgetting about what else I need to do. I am sure it will wait for me. It always does.

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