Monday, September 22, 2014

He Needed Me

Medication for numerous maladies or conditions keep our family on our collective toes. (That would be 100 toes, to be exact.) Not to mention anytime something changes, meds also must change. There is fetal alcohol syndrome, bi-polar disorder, rage disorders, adhd and autism spectrum disorder. There is also reactive attachment disorder, along with asthma, GI issues, seizures and limb disfunction's due to physical disabilities. Add the occasional influenza or common colds, or even headaches or menstral cramping and you can see we have an almost-pharmacy at our control. It can be quite intimidating and scary. When someone is ill, we often question "could it be the meds" and research options on the Internet. Today, I had to pick one of the children up from school less than two hours after dropping them off there, only to be met with questioning looks from the school secretary. Yes, dear lady, he did miss several days of school last week. Yes, he did see the doctor (who diagnosed a stomach virus), and no, I don't suppose that is still the problem. But it could still be legit. Or it could be his dosage increase for one of his other needs has caused an issue. Or maybe he, perhaps, hasn't moved his bowels as often as you think he should (although there is also medication for that in our cupboard which gets a lot of use, too). He could be faking, he could possibly just miss his mama. But whatever it ends up being, I still feel it's more important for my kids to know they can call at anytime and I will answer. I will ask them if they are being bullied or just don't like their lunch choices. I will mention that TV is off limits if you are sick from school, and tomorrow they will have to go and try again. However, it could be any number of things wrong, and we may never really know. Sometimes you just have a tummy ache and need your mom to rescue you. The doctor can decide tomorrow if it's one of the medications - or not. But he needed me, and I brought him home. I am okay with that.


Mike Hauser said...

Those who criticize what they don't know should read this. Another good blog.

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