Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rainy Wednesday

I think we are getting our April showers in June this year. I used to love a lazy, rainy day, but with 7 kids out of school, the rain keeps us cooped up too much and makes me pine for sunny days.

Yesterday the kids painted rocks. I had 2 tons delivered on Monday as a birthday gift from my husband, so they had plenty to choose from. The big kids found several clumps of clay in the pile and spent hours fashioning items that they dried out and painted along with their rock creations. Tara asked me this morning at 7:30 what our craft was today. Oh, I am just not sure I am into crafting today!! I was hoping to put my solar lights in the front garden, and then place some more rocks around the back fence gardens today. The question is, do I want to work out in the rain???

So maybe today will be a baking day. Anything we do is an adventure. I am also ready to hang decorations in Tom's new room, and iron his new curtains. After weeks of him wanting to paint his walls chocolate brown, we convinced him to go with a nice deep blue color, and we finished painting about midnight last night. He may be able to sleep in his new room tonight!!

We could paint, bake, clean, or snuggle with a movie today. I guess on a rainy wednesday our options are open for whatever we want to do. What a nice middle-of-the-week plan. Rain and all!!

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Emily said...

I always want to curl up with a book on a rainy day. Not so easy with a four year old. Oscar will only let me read his books, over and over again.