Friday, January 9, 2009

Dark Brown Hair

There are no grey hairs on my head today. It's not that I swallowed the ever-sought after pill for continued youthfulness, I died my hair again. My oldest daughter thought going so dark would not look the best with my skin tones, but I like it. I have joked that I resemble Morticia Adams from the Adams Family show of my youth, but that's not true. My hair is short, where hers was long. And I tend to smile more than she did. Not to mention she was a great deal taller than I will ever be.

What is it about aging that we all want to stop? I want to be a lady who grows old gracefully. Some one with poise and dignity, a gal who others look at and say, "Now that's one classy woman!" So when does that all begin?

I still feel young inside. When a young friend tells me she is unexpectedly expecting her first child, I feel giddy for her. Oh, the excitement that the first pregnancy brings. I wish it were me. I am so glad for her, but I can't believe inside myself that I will never have another child.

When my daughter put the money down for her first house, I could feel the whole excitement of our first home well up inside of me, and I was as excited as she was on the day of closing to get into that house and begin a whole new phase of living.

One of the sweetest words I hear is "gramma." When my grandson, Kaiden, calls me grandma, I would do any thing for him. I would love to have 20 grandkids, or more.

So, what is growning old gracefully? This balance between being a mother, daughter, grandma, friend - am I gracefully handling all the rolls I have been blessed with?

I don't fear growing old. I want to look my best, be my best, and do my best in all the hats I wear. And since my grey's are covered by my new dark brown hair color, I can wave my hat in the air, and love who I am today.

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