Saturday, February 1, 2014

A picture is worth a thousand words

There has been something bugging me for quite a while. I probably will lose friends with this post, but it's not meant to harm you. I hope it's something you will take to heart. I have been a follower of Christ for the majority of my life. That's not bragging, I am stating where I am coming from. I accepted His gift around 17 years old, and although I am imperfect and unfaithful many times over, He never has failed me. His word is truth and I am learning more of it as I get older. A question came up recently on a social website I am a part of regarding Christians and tattoos. Was it wrong for a believer to get a tattoo or would that be something Christians should shy away from? The discussion varied, and a lot of it was religious talk about what a person had been taught as wrong through their church. Was it a law? Do we live under grace? Well, as I continued to mull over all the sides to that conversation, I felt there are many more issues as Christians that we don't want to discuss as right or wrong. We make huge statements about what Jesus thinks about abortion or gay marriage. What about the "little" sins, like lying, stealing, cheating on our taxes (what!!!) or how we treat our neighbors (or the homeless man?). When I discuss these type of issues with my teens, they tend to see more black or white, until it hits something they believe in. One of the areas is how Christian women dress. I am trying to eliminate my teens wearing clothing that draws attention to parts of their bodies, like low cut shirts or high and tight shorts. I want their lives to show modesty, and not have to deal with grown men or teen boys devouring them with their eyes. But it's very hard to back up what I believe in modest dressing with my girls when so many Christians are taking selfie pictures in front of their bathroom mirrors with half of their breasts exposed. Or see the women shaking their booties in their short shorts. I know we live under grace, and God sees our hearts. But please, as Christian women that I want my girls to look up to, before you post a photo, think of what you are wearing and showing off. I know you have a beautiful smile and you are sincerely a great person, but I am tired of seeing flaunted breasts and those coy looks you are posting. I think a little more modest pictures may get your point across better, especially if you are quoting scripture of giving a religious point of view. If you are making a commercial to sell cars, maybe the low top will help. But I wish we could consider our walks with Christ to be much more important than a sales job. I want people to WANT to follow Christ because they see something in my life that appeals to them. I also want to continue to grow and please Christ. End of rant.

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