Sunday, October 5, 2008

remodeling and messes

We are in the midst of remodeling. Now, anyone that has been through this messy process, understands just where I am at emotionally, without me saying another word.
I HATE REMODELING. Don't get me wrong,I love the results of the finished project, it's just living through the process that I hate. The mess, the expense, the torture of living in the midst of the chaos: I hate it all. Since our current project is tearing up 2 rooms on the far side of the house, you would think it would be more removed from our daily lives. But since our new front door was installed at the front of these two rooms, there is nothing we can do to hide the mess from all who enter, and nothing we can do to clear up the mess until the whole process is completed.
With seven children in our home, I am comfortable knowing my house is not going to be spotless for alot of years yet. I also know that my value and worth are not determined by how clean my house is. But what I can't figure out is this: how do you go from start to finish on a huge remodel project without losing your mind completely???
So, this morning, in the midst of fresh sawn lumber, sheetrock dust and stacks of finishing boards that have to be stepped over to use the bathroom, and in the midst of furniture stacked in corners, surfaces stacked with supplies, and pizza boxes littering the counter tops, I know this: someday it will all be finished (or not!) and someday it will all be a part of our past rememberances. And someday when the kids are gone, and there is nothing left to do except vacuum and put dishes away, we will remember the hectic days of remodeling to fit our lives and the growing wonders that keep us busy. We will remember the laughter when we miss the nail head and the jokes we shared as walls crumbled. We will think fondly of the times we spent as a family making our home just right for us. And we will forget the mess that got us to that point.
And mostly, we will be glad for all the times we spent together. The messes will be done soon, and I believe this morning that it's perfectly OK to HATE remodeling!!

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